why I blog

When I was 15 I boarded a plane for the first time and went across the pond to Argentina. In the years following that initial, life changing trip, I set out on a journey 'across the nations'. With each new destination I learned more about myself, the world, and the injustices that enslave so many people in cycles of bondage and poverty. Throughout this time people have told me to 'pick a country' or 'pick an issue' and devote myself entirely to fighting that injustice or serving in that country. I've tried to narrow my focus, but I don't think that's what I was called to do. I'm not travelling as much now, but I still want to stay connected to what is going on and I still am an advocate for people in Atlanta and around the world.

Injustice is everywhere and it touches billions. War, famine, disaster, poverty, and slavery all create cycles of oppression and pain. I'm here to proclaim freedom and to shine light on the darkness around us. I want to highlight the good works being done by different individuals and organizations around the world, and do my part in advocating for those who haven't found their voice yet.

So why do I blog? I blog for freedom and justice. I blog to encourage myself and my readers that there are thousands of things we can do to make an impact. And I blog for the people you see on this page. We can all do our part to change the world.

Haiti, 2010
Southern Sudan, 2008

Post-Tsunami Indonesia, 2005

Indonesia, 2007

Dominican Republic, 2005

India, 2007

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