What is the {SCS} icon by your posts? SCS stands for "Socially Conscious Summer" You can read the preview piece for it here.

What does "Socially Conscious" mean? While there isn't necessarily a webster-esque definition of socially conscious, it essentially entails having awareness regarding social issues. It is a broad term, but for me it's about having a conscious about things that are going on in our community and world, and making choices to end injustice.

So what are you going to write about? Hopefully a little bit of everything. I'll be writing reviews of brands, getting guest bloggers to provide new perspectives, and providing tools that we can use to end slavery and injustice. I also want it to be fun! I'm a hug extrovert so I hope we can explore ways to have fun while fighting injustice.

How do you know that what you're writing about is accurate? I do as much research as possible on the brands and organizations I support. I have several years of volunteer, travel, and non- profit experience, so I use my experience coupled with research to determine which orgaizations I'm going to write about. I'm not infalible, and there are definitely organizations out there who are corrupt and deceptive, but I hope that my research can spot those organizations before I promote them.

Are these organizations paying you? That's a big NO. This is my personal blog. I am extremely passionate about social justice and love to connect with organizations who are changing the world. If I write about an organization, its because I want to and I am passionate about their cause.

I know of a company/organization that is fair trade. I would LOVE to hear about organizations you have worked with. I'm working an ethical trade company list and am always open to suggestions. You can tweet, facebook or email me to tell me about the organization so I can do some reseach.

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